Who’d want Scaramucci’s job now? In Trump’s White House, no one comes out alive | Lucia Graves

Whoever fills Scaramuccis shoes will continue the circus anew before being sacrificed, in an oft-repeated ritual, on Trumps altar

Its been a very bad week for Anthony Scaramucci, who, after getting sacked from his marriage, got sacked from his job.

Hes dead even to his alma mater Harvard law schools alumni directory, in an erroneous report, apparently declared him deceased.

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Five key departures in six months of Trump’s presidency

Anthony Scaramucci (10 days)

Named director of communications after having been denied a White House role earlier, the New York financier and Republican fundraiser promptlythreatened to fire everyone in his teamover leaks. He also staged a combative andcontradictorybriefing room debut and talkshow tour; sought to bat away questions aboutsuspiciously liberal pronouncementsin his past and support for Trumps Republican enemies;deleted tweets; warred openly with the former chief of staff, Reince Priebus, and seemingly forced him out; compared the struggle to take healthcare away from millions of Americans toLincolns battle against slavery; poured obscene invective about leakers, Priebus and Steve Bannondown the phone to a New Yorker reporter; missed the birth of his son;saw his wife file for divorce; and was asked to resign.

Michael Flynn (23 days)

Trumps first national security adviser one of four generals the president has employed resignedafter it was revealed he misled Vice-President Mike Pence over his contacts with Russians during the election campaign. It was later reported that Yates hadwarnedthe White House Flynn was vulnerable to Russian blackmail.

James Comey (110 days)

The most shocking firing of them all.Trump sacked his FBI director, by messenger rather than in person, as congressional and justice department investigations into links between Trump aides and Russia gathered pace. Lest anyone retain any doubt about why Trump pressed the big red button, he told NBC in a primetime interview the firing was tied to this Russia thing. The reverberations will be felt for some time yet.

Sean Spicer (183 days)

The long-suffering but loyal surrogate for the presidenthanded in his resignationin response to Scaramuccis appointment. A Republican insider and Priebus ally, he never settled into the press secretary role afteran infamous debutin which he angrily insisted Trumps fantastic version of crowd sizes at the inauguration were true. Achieving by way of Melissa McCarthyslethal Saturday Night Live impressiona somewhat dubious celebrity, his days at the White House were long rumoured to be numbered. His departure on a point of principle having seemingly been justified only 10 days later, he may now claim a sort of hollow vindication.

Reince Priebus (189 days)

The former Republican National Committee chair stayed loyal at least in public to Trump through Friday,when he was told his time was up. He stayed loyal after handing in his resignation too, rhapsodising about the president and his mission in interviews with CNN and, of course, Fox News. But it seemed Priebuss card had alway been marked, less over his initial blocking of Scaramucci, which enraged the Mooch, or by his closeness to the House speaker, Paul Ryan, than by his private advice to Trump to quit the presidential race after 8 October, when the infamous Access Hollywood Gropegate tape was published. The Washington Post reported that Priebus was thus never considered a member of the Oct 8th coalition, a name for the inner cabal of Trumpites who have never wavered, however low their bosss reputation has sunk.

That his stint in the public eye lasted less than two weeks, though, should be less a punchline than it is edifying. The lesson: there is no worse job than trying to speak for Trump.

Though his entire White House has been full of political upheaval, with jobs changing over and positions going unfilled, its not by chance the the role of spokesperson is most fraught.

Under any president its a job that requires answering to the public, and if you work for Trump, that means obfuscating all the time. It also means, more than any other single person, and there are plenty within the White House, youre the fallguy to absorb Trumps hit.

If anyone could have succeeded in this line of thankless work, it should have been Scaramucci. After all he was in many ways the spitting image of his boss: petty and vain, if endlessly entertaining, a man who loves above all the sight of his own face on TV.

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