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Trials of Donald Jr turn Russia scandal into another Trump family affair

Though the president is fiercely loyal to his children, some observers wonder if deepening and dangerous controversy might test such bonds to breaking point It was an unseasonably cool day in New York. At 1.50pm on 9 June, Hillary Clinton tweeted that Barack Obama was backing her for US president. Half an hour later, Donald […]

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2016 was the end of the world as we know it. So what’s next?

Trump and Brexit challenged fundamental beliefs, while the Syrian war left many in despair. And theres more to come in 2017 The phrase turning point is overused, but future historians are likely to view the year 2016 as exactly that. The standout event was Donald Trumps surprise victory. The terrorist atrocities took lives from Nice […]

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Donald Trump and Russia: a web that grows more tangled all the time

Frank Mermoud, a key figure at the recent Republican national convention, has strong business ties with Ukraine the latest in a series of Trump staffers with worrying links to Russia and its interests, including the candidate himself A key figure at the Republican national convention where Donald Trump was nominated for president has strong business […]

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