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Everyone Is Getting Engaged And Im Eating Cheese

When you enter your mid 20s, a few things start happening. Your metabolism starts slowing in a way you didn’t even have to think about when you were a teenager. Yeah, that pizza you ate earlier? It’s going to show up within two hours, max. All of a sudden, you’ve gained three pounds. Friendships become […]

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The 6 Fuckboys Every 20-Something Girl Has Unfortunately Dated

1. The Cheapo This guy’s first, middle and last name is CHEAPO in capital letters. Everybody loves a good bargain, everybody loves coupons, everybody loves a 2 for 1 deal but this guy takes his dates to SaveOMart Mall. You see, girlfriend, you spent 2 hours getting dolled up, makeup, hair and all that fancy […]

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54 People Confess How They Learned About Sex For The First Time

1. The ol’ fashioned wayI walked in on my parents. The ol’ fashioned wayI walked in on my parents. They were never the type to directly lie to me, so I got the whole story the next day, when I regained my composure and asked about it. God, hard to believe that happened so long […]

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