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How May’s failed deal shattered EU relations

Lack of assurances on backstop and customs union led to impasse If they want to leave, they should do it now, Brexit adviser, Olly Robbins, to speak to the EUs most senior lawyers would be denied until the treaty exit mechanism, known as article 50, was triggered. Timeline Five key moments Show Hide 19 June […]

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With No End in Sight, Europe is Sick of Brexit Bullshit

The divorce from hell, the longest separation ever, trying to live together after breaking uphowever one describes the excruciating uncoupling of the United Kingdom and the European Union, one thing is sure: Europeans are starting to get a little bit tired of the whole bloody affair. On Thursday, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May bought a […]

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One telling image: in a Brussels corridor, the EU takes back control of Brexit

A photo of an ad hoc crisis meeting gives an insight into the efforts made to cope with a floundering British government As pictures go, it spoke volumes. On Thursday evening in Brussels, Bulgarias permanent representative to the EU, Dimiter Tzantchev, EU taking back control if not, crucially, of the final decision, at least of […]

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Funny Chat Between The UK And EU Illustrates How Dumb Brexit Demands Look

The dialogue was posted on a subreddit called Choosing Beggars and has already accumulated over 60k upvotes. According to this community, some people, when receiving generous help with their everyday problems by strangers, choose to push for more instead of showing gratitude, and they have to be exposed. So is Britain a choosing beggar? You decide. […]

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‘I’m not a quitter’: Theresa May says she could fight another election as PM

May tells reporters she is in this for the long term, risking reigniting anger in her party over the disastrous general election and criticisms of her leadership Theresa May insisted she could fight another general election as prime minister, arguing that she is not a quitter despite repeated criticisms of her leadership style. Risking reigniting […]

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