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93-Year-Old Woman Heads Back To College And Gets 4.0 GPA

At 93 years old, Amy Craton isn’t necessarily your quintessential college student. Many years ago, Craton wasin college pursuing her degree. However, in time life intervened halting her studies. After weathering a divorce and becoming a single parent responsible for supporting four children, Craton let her studies go and ventured straight into the workforce. And […]

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Bullys Rude Comment Falls Flat In The Face Of A Perfect Comeback

Texas woman Brynne Huffman was at the UPS store when a run-of-the-mill errand turned into a golden opportunity to mete out some well-deserved verbal justice to a grown-up mean girl in line behind her. Huffman had stepped out on the hot June day in a flowing white peasant blouse and a pair of denim shorts. […]

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An Oral History Of The 1998 Major League Baseball Home Run Chase

In the latter half of the 1990s, Major League Baseball was in a state of crisis. The league was still reeling from the 1994 players strike, which had left fans bitter and strained the relationship between players and league officials. The future of the national pastime was uncertain. Then, in the spring of 1998, Mark […]

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Heartwarming: This Incredible Superdad Has Won Child Custody From Every Divorce In His County

Well, it looks like weve already found our candidate for Father of the Year. Greg Holton, of Oakland City, IN, is such an incredible father that hes redefining what it means to be a superdad. In fact, his parenting skills are so off the charts, the courts have awarded him custody of every single child […]

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Amazing Reunion Between A Man And His Dog After Being Apart For Two Years

It’s funny how much can happen in the relatively short span of just two years. But when you watch this incredible video, you’ll see just how much a man and his dog can change in every single way, all while staying exactly the same! Two years ago, a man named Jose fell onto pretty bad […]

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