Sharon Osbourne Distraught Over Ozzy’s Alleged ‘Emotional Affair’ Following Split But Family Members Are Really Worried About THIS!

After announcing her split from her husband Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne said she felt “empowered” by her decision when she appeared on The Talk on Tuesday.

But despite the 63-year-old’s confident demeanor, sources close to the family said the mother-of-three is definitely taking it hard — because Ozzy has been leading a “double life”!

Though Sharon has “put up with a lot” over the course of her 33-year marriage to the Black Sabbath rocker, The Talk cohost decided to leave her husband because of his alleged “emotional affair” with hairstylist Michelle Pugh.

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A source explained to ET:

“Sharon has put up with a lot over the course of their marriage and there have been other dramatic things that have happened with them in the past, but this is the first long-time affair Sharon has found out about. This is an emotional affair — it wasn’t just a one-time hookup. There are feelings there between Ozzy and this woman. This is a double life he’s been leading — and that’s what upset Sharon the most and made her leave him.”

We can totally understand why she’s so shaken up!

The source went on to say while daughter Kelly Osbourne feels “betrayed” and is “very worried” about Sharon, their oldest daughter Aimee — who has stayed out of the spotlight over the years — was seen with the Crazy Train singer on Tuesday.

As for the future of Ozzy and Sharon, the source explained that even though there is “a lot of anger around” the split, those close to the family worry how the two will operate without each other.

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The insider added:

“First and foremost, Sharon is a businesswoman. She organizes everything. She’s the family glue… They’re best friends, partners, business partners, so many things. That’s why this split is so hard.”

We can only imagine! In addition to raising a family together, Sharon was heavily involved with Ozzy’s financial and personal affairs — but it looks like this was the affair that broke the marriage’s back!

Do YOU think there’s any hope left for the couple?

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