Producer Leaves Ellen DeGeneres With His New Baby After She Says Kids Arent Stressful

Anyone who’s ever had a kiddo knows it can cause some stress, especially the first time around. Those first two years can be a whole lot to handle. All of the waking up in the middle of the night on top of soothing the crying wee-beast in public places during the day can really wear a person down.

Those without children usually don’tquiteunderstand. Even if they’ve been around children before, they still don’t know what it’s like to raise a kid around the clock like mothers, fathers, foster parents, or other caretakers do.

We all love Ellen DeGeneres, there’s no argument about it. She loves to help anyone she can, and she also loves to make people laugh at any given opportunity.

But whenDeGeneres, who doesn’t have children, questioned a new study about babies, it led to some big humor. Thestudy explains that raising a child in the first two years can cause more stress than divorce or losing a loved one.

Moments later, herproducer runs out onstage and hands her a babyfor just two minutes. You can see the anxiety right on her face in just this short span of time!

Of course, she’s kidding around in her monologue, but that look of feardoeslook pretty darn real.

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