Pregnant Middle School Teacher Accused Of Affair With 15-Year-Old Student But Is The Baby His??

Talk about an inappropriate student/teacher relationship!

On Thursday, it was reported that a Texas-based middle school teacher has been arrested for allegedly sleeping with her 15-year-old student.

Reportedly, when the teen was confronted by a school official about the illegal dalliance he began to cry and spilled the the truth about what had happened between him and Miz Harper.

The legal document claims the boy said:

“One thing led to another and she told me to ‘put it in’ and I did.”

He also stated they drank alcohol together and that he performed oral sex on the teacher, who was also his tennis instructor, btw. We guess now she’ll be facing a different kind of court.

Katherine is now out on a $15,000 bond. She is facing a “second-degree felony charge of an improper relationship between an educator and student.”

We hope, for the kid’s sake, the teen victim is NOT the father. Fingers crossed!

[Image via Fort Worth Trophy Club Police.]

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