Jamie Oliver Really Doesnt Want Boris Johnson To Be Our New Prime Minister

It’s just been announced that we’ll have a new Prime Minister by the 2nd September, and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver really doesn’t want it to be Boris Johnson.

In an Instagram posted from Sardinia, Jamie said that he was disappointed by the results of the referendum, but was ready to make the best out of it, and “roll up my sleeves and work harder than ever to make this work”.

Just as long as BoJo isn’t at number 10…

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He said:

A thought for Great Britain….. For the last two years, I have been filming all over the world in places where people live the longest, healthiest, happiest and most productive lives studying there food and culture. And now I finish my journey on the beautiful island of Sardinia, where at the end of the day’s filming, as the sun set – I looked back and saw the European flag. For me.. symbolic and very sad. But in life you don’t always get what you want. So guys, whether you voted In or Out, we are where we are. But at some point soon we all need to come back together and make the best of what will be a very bumpy 5 years.

This referendum has fractured Europe, divided families and split the country. The divorce of our European marriage will be very costly and provoke a bitterness towards us as a trusted country in the world…However I do believe in democracy and Britain has spoken. In my own way I will now roll up my sleeves and work harder than ever to make this work. But I BEG YOU ONE THING GREAT BRITAIN ???? Give me Boris f**king Johnson as our Prime Minister and I’m done. I’m out. My faith in us will be broken forever. So speak up people – let’s stop being spectators! We can not let this happen- share the s**t out of this !! #BuggerOffBoris

Trust and building relationships with other country’s is the only currency that really works. (Tune — #TemperTrap)”

Whether or not you agree with Jamie about Boris Johnson, his point on making the best of what many of us perceive as a bad situation is pretty inspiring.

Would you like to see Boris at number 10? Let us know in the comments!

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