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12 Ways You Can Use Your Smartphone For Fitness Inspiration

Everything you need for a great fitness program is actually in the palm of your hand. Smartphone apps can help inspire your routine, track your progress and keep your nutrition sorted. Need to wind down after a tough bootcamp class? There’s an app for that too.  Here’s a list of HuffPost editor recommended apps, Instagram-based […]

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D.C. Shooting Suspect Nabbed at Boston Market From Hell

Federal law-enforcement officer Eulalio Tordil allegedly shot five people before sitting down for a meal where the D.C. snipers also chowed down.”> After an alleged shooting spree that stretched from Thursday evening into Friday afternoon, killing three and wounding three, federal law enforcement officer Eulalio Tordil cooly walked across the street for lunch. Tordil was […]

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Amazing Reunion Between A Man And His Dog After Being Apart For Two Years

It’s funny how much can happen in the relatively short span of just two years. But when you watch this incredible video, you’ll see just how much a man and his dog can change in every single way, all while staying exactly the same! Two years ago, a man named Jose fell onto pretty bad […]

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54 People Confess How They Learned About Sex For The First Time

1. The ol’ fashioned wayI walked in on my parents. The ol’ fashioned wayI walked in on my parents. They were never the type to directly lie to me, so I got the whole story the next day, when I regained my composure and asked about it. God, hard to believe that happened so long […]

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Graduating from marriage in Japan

(CNN)When Yuriko Nishi’s three grown-up sons left home, she asked her husband of 36 years an unusual question: Was there any dream married life had prevented him from fulfilling? “We started wondering what path should we be walking on,” says Nishi, 66. “We told our children it was a good chance to evolve our family.” […]

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The Justin Ross Harris case: What you need to know

(CNN)Two years ago, a Georgia family’s nightmare became a front-page mystery. Twenty-two-month-old Cooper Harris died after being left in the sweltering back seat of a car in June 2014 while his father, Justin Ross Harris, was at work. What seemed like a tragic accident took a shocking turn when, three months later, a Georgia grand […]

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