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Hell Harm Me: Connecticut Mom Jennifer Dulos Missing Amid Two-Year Divorce Battle

The case of a missing Connecticut mother of fivewho was in the middle of a years-long divorce battle with her estranged husbandhas now turned into a criminal investigation, with Connecticut State Police Major Crimes Unit Stamford Advocate, 50-year-old Jennifer Dulos was reported missing by her friends on Friday night after she hadnt been heard from […]

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Diversified Lifestyles and New Opportunities: How Shifting Socioeconomic Trends are Changing Homeownership

By Sarah Friedmann American demographics are continually evolving and, along with them, the public and private sectors are changing as well. Namely, in the real estate industry, the age and marital status of a typical homeowner is changing slowly but surely. Home buying in the United States was once an area very much dominated by […]

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An Open Letter to the Christian Who is Pro-Choice

ShareTweetPinterest Dear Friend, Don’t roll your eyes just yet. This isn’t a stab at you. It’s not about rich, poor, or anything in between. It’s not a debate between Republican or Democrat, right versus left, liberal against conservative. It’s simply a conversation, one born out of love. I’ve watched my life change drastically over the […]

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