Amazing Reunion Between A Man And His Dog After Being Apart For Two Years

It’s funny how much can happen in the relatively short span of just two years. But when you watch this incredible video, you’ll see just how much a man and his dog can change in every single way, all while staying exactly the same!

Two years ago, a man named Jose fell onto pretty bad times. He was dealing with a divorce, he lost his house, he couldn’t find work, and before you know it, he ended up homeless and living inside of his car. Even though he was short on cash, he had a dog, aptly named Chaos. When everything else seemed like it was going horribly, he could always count on that sweet dog to give him lots of love and kisses when he went to sleep every night.

Things were going great for a while, but eventually Jose’s luck really hit the very bottom and he had to give his dog away to a friend of a friend. And while Jose eventually got back up on his feet, he received some pretty heartbreaking news from the person he gaveChaos to.

But amazingly, Jose had Chaos microchipped. And a few years later, right when Jose was thinking about his lost dog, he got a call. It turned out that Chaoshad been found on the streets and brought into a dog shelter. And since Jose’s name was on the chip, that led things back to him as the rightful owner.

Thank goodness for the amazing people whowork at the Winnebago County Animal Services and the brilliant idea of itsLost Pet Network that made this reunion possible! If you can help a worthy animal cause, please donate anything you can!

Please check out their Twitter and Instagram, and the incredible story and video below!


Chaos missed his human, and while he was in a new “forever home,” he never forgot the man who had raised him from his days as a little puppy. But it seemed like he was never going to see that man ever again.

But after escaping his new home, only to be caught by animal control, it seemed especially true that he would never find his first human family.

But on a completely normal day, they took little Chaos outside. And that’s when he smelled something rather familiar.

There was a man there wholooked similar to his old human, but that was so long ago that it simply couldn’t possibly be him.

Chaos smelled the man’s hand, but something seemed oddly “right” about this whole experience.

Within moments, Chaos could sense it right away. Thiswashis first human! After so many years of being apart, his first human, Jose, was finally found! After so many years of missing him, it seemed like a dream!

Even if it meant sleeping back with Jose in the car just like the old days, he didn’t care, he had finally found his forever home.

But things have looked up for Jose in those two short years. Jose has gotten himself a job, and he now can afford to live in a home with a roof above his head.

When Jose got the call about Chaos, he was happy, but a little nervous…

You see, he had gotten another dog to help deal with the loss, but now he was afraid that would cause some trouble between them all.

Something tells us that Chaos and the whole family are going to be quite all right in the years to come.

Check out the incredible video below, and make sure you have some Kleenex on the side!



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